1910s Dress
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One hundred dresses from 1910-1919
 as seen in pattern company magazines: Delineator, Designer, and McCall's.
See the front and back views and all descriptions as they appear in the original source.

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Click on the year at the left to see the ten featured dresses.

Also, each year might have a specific dressmaking lesson, click the links at the right.


Ten dresses begin the decade with the beginning of the slender silhouette.


Slender lines prevail with the raised waistline, narrow skirt, and kimono sleeve in these ten dresses.


In these ten dresses we see the continuation of higher waists. Skirts begin to feature tunics and drapery.


Complexity of cut increases in these ten dresses. Skirts begin to "hobble" with more drapery and more variety.


These ten fascinating dresses feature the new "peg-top" skirt - full at the hips and narrow at the foot.


Open necks and wide skirts begin to appear in these ten dresses.

Delineator dressmaking lesson 1915

A dressmaking lesson on
the new skirt of 1915!


Soft and feminine, ten dresses maintain the slightly higher waist with wide, romantic skirts.


We see the effects of World War One in ten dresses with shorter skirts and military flair.

McCall's dressmaking lesson 1917

Read how to make the new slip on over the head dress of 1917


Simple lines take hold in these ten attractive dresses. Mobility and comfort are featured.


The new silhouette is increasingly simple and the one-piece dress is popular in these ten dresses.