1900s Dress
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One hundred dresses from 1900-1909
 as seen in pattern company magazines: Delineator, Designer, McCall's, and New Idea.
See the front and back views and all descriptions as they appear in the original source.

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Click on the year at the left to see the ten featured dresses.

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The new "straight front" is a new feature
of these ten dresses.


Ten dresses in the Tulip shape skirt
 as the silhouette becomes exaggerated.


In these ten dresses we see
the sleeve fullness around the wrist begin.


The extreme "S" silhouette is at its height
 in these ten dresses.


These ten dresses begin the exploration of increased fullness in both the sleeve and skirt.


Puff sleeves are revived and skirts continue to widen
 in these ten dresses.


Slowly increasing, ten dresses continue the soft fullness.


Kimono sleeves and large armholes are featured  in ten dresses with skirts beginning to reduce.


Ten dresses show the slightly raised waistline, the simpler sleeves, and a slimmer silhouette.

McCall's dressmaking lesson 1908

Read how to create a support for the new "butterfly" jacket.


A new silhouette is taking hold with apparent slimness
 in these ten dresses.